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This picture represent Robert Cooper who is a job interview coach and trainer
Developing your skills

Helping you achieve


 I am Robert Cooper and I give help and advice to many people who are applying for a job or are writing their application forms and Curriculum Vitaes and want to practise and develop their interview technique.


Whether you are a school or college leaver, someone looking for a new career direction, or perhaps you are returning to work after, I can help you prepare for your interview.


I have experience with chairing competency based interviews and will coach you on how to structure your evidence using STARR, enabling you to present your examples to the interview panel with confidence.


Guidance and Support


I have a lot of experience with candidate shortlisting and chairing interviews for various roles.

Please buy my eBook Confidence for your job interview.  A complete guide to preparing for your interview.


Preparing for an interview?  

With my guidance and support you can achieve your goals.

I will teach you techniques to help overcome anxiety, become more confident and communicate effectively.

Achieve your goal today!


Success Stories


Many of my clients have received job offers through my interview coaching. 


Please read their statements.

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